Not long after launching the beta version of FKMYSELF.COM, I received this e-mail from a dear family friend:

Sat, October 3, 2009 6:10:05 AM


Your mom called me today. She wanted to ask my opinion about your website, which [your dad] had discovered on your FaceBook page. She seemed somewhat confused and embarrassed. I told her that you were being wild and creative and it was OK. That in modern america masturbation is not considered sinful or bad, it is considered widespread and healthy, nothing to be ashamed of. And you weren’t admitting personal things about yourself but providing an anonymous place for many people to express themselves. She asked if a man knew you made a website like this would he be discouraged from asking you to marry him. I said that I couldn’t say for sure but I thought the kind of guy who would want to marry you would love you because you are creative and provocative, so he would probably not mind that you would create a website like this. I said if he thought the site was shocking he probably would not be your kind of guy. I asked her later if she wanted me to mention to you that I talked to her. I said maybe the topic is too embarrassing and it would be better if you two never talked about it. She said no she wanted to talk to you about it, in fact she was planning on contacting you directly. Therefore I figured I take her permission to give you a heads up so you have some context and warning that she knows and may be in touch.

This is all art, part of the creative process, right? Choose your responses from your place of deepest honesty and creativity and everything will be fine. Dare to be great…


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